A Longer Note From Chris

  • Growth Through Habit - 5 Steps To Achieve Any Goal

    Growth is a personal commitment to be better in which ever field one chooses.

    Growth in any field requires a vision to work towards.
    Growth towards a vision requires action.
    Growth with action requires reflection
    Growth with reflection requires momentum.
    Growth with momentum requires a process one can come back to.

    One such process is the GROWe model of coaching a 5 step process that can utilised in any situation towards any goal, assuming a goal can be articulated.

  • Authentic Change

    "I want to lose weight"
    "I want a 6-pack",
    "I want to be able to do a handstand".

    "I should hit 10000 steps a day",
    "I should go to the gym",
    "I should be intermittent fasting".

    "I can't do X because of... age, hormones, work, kids, laziness, motivation, cost, time, genetics..."

    "I won't fail as this time it is different..."