Would you rather*:

(1) Earn more money but see your family less.
(2) Earn less money and see your family more.
(3) Gain a promotion with responsibilities but no pay rise.
(4) Lead a new program, but if it fails, you could lose your job.
(5) Travel the world promoting the company.
(6) Stay as you are but know that the management is pretty corrupt.

Try and answer, taking into account your life circumstances, age, and personality? If you find it easy to answer this question, you likely have strong values to lean upon. However, if you find it difficult, you may have conflicting values or lack clarity on what your values are.

Values are important to individuals as they define what is important to them and are tied to their identity. Think about it this way, what sort of person are you? A family-oriented individual, a driven business person, an environmentalist, someone who craves power? How well you can answer this question ties in with how well you can answer the "would you rather" question above.

However, what about the family-minded business person? The scenario above could cause values to collide and compete, particularly if a fundamental value is not clear. Do you know your values?

Taking the time to consider your values and the impact of your decisions on them can help you make choices that align with who you are and what you stand for.

That said, being a little flexible and willing to make compromises can go a long way in finding creative solutions to problems.

If you are wondering which option I chose, it was No. 4, I chose that path many years ago.

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