Each Friday morning, I sit down and journal.

One part of my process is a brain dump in which I write down anything that comes to mind. To prime the brain dump, I get myself into a relaxed state and write for at least one minute without stopping to filter whatever comes out.

Relaxing calms the conscious mind and the permission not to filter keeps it in check - for a little bit.

Sometimes I write drivel, talking about the weather or the pen I'm using, often a commentary on my week, and occasionally something that surprises me - today's note is one of the latter...

Friday 19th May

As I sit in my chair and look at my flat, it dawns on me that I have everything I could ever need and want right here in front of me, if I could allow myself to think that way. A part of me wants more, a part of me wants to run away and live with less, both seem to miss the point.

It's not about more or less, it's a about depth of living, its about thriving. When I'm thriving, I am being a decent human being, I am growing, learning and developing, turning up, showing up, doing the work and living a life of values.

I thrive when I turn up to the gym, eat meals packed with nutrients and love others unconditionally.

I thrive when I don't try and force things.

I thrive when all wheels turn in the right direction - more comes with less.

To thrive I have (re)learned:

  1. Don’t seek to do more, seek for a reason, and more will come.
  2. If the little you have is enough, you are wealthy beyond measure.
  3. It's okay not to be okay, but it's not okay to do so alone.
  4. When stuck, look back at what you have achieved.
  5. When flowing, look forward to the next steps and keep at it.
  6. Children just want to be part of your life, find any way to make it happen, even if butchering veg chopping or spilling washing powder when loading.
  7. It can wait, nothing is ever as important as you think it is while you are thinking of it.
  8. Get sleep, above all, when life is spiralling, prioritise sleeping and falling asleep.
  9. Falling asleep is key, if you have this right, you probably have lifestyle right as it all impacts this directly from coffee, alcohol, exercise, and stress.
  10. Laugh, especially at yourself.
  11. If you don't like what your children do, what does it say about how you are bringing them up?
  12. Go watch a movie, the industry knows how to move you - let them - go laugh, cry, get motivated - allow yourself to feel something.
  13. Work out, whatever that looks like. Pick up heavy things, take stairs, sweat, do what you enjoy to celebrate the body, not punish it.
  14. Asking for help is a sign of strength and perseverance to get through something, not a sign of weakness.


If you are interested in the calming techniques and or the other parts of my journaling process, let me know.

Until next time go laugh at yourself and get some sleep.

Be well and be OK.



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