About Habitual

 We support our clients to find answers they have in them already to make the changes they seek to make. Wether mental, physical, social or emotional our programs are designed to support you to find out what works.

The Book

"When Life Happens" is your guide to finding the right tool, word or phrase to support you in dealing with Life, even when it happens.



From talks, curriculum/program design and staff training around health and wellbeing. Start a conversation for bespoke services.


About Chris

A husband, father, teacher, coach, athlete, public speaker, writer and health consultant. His multi discipline approach to health supports the human narrative of lived experience. His teaching has been applied from London to Hong Kong and serves clients from New York to New Zealand. He has deadlifted for 24 hours, competed in the Spartan 24 hour world championships and cycled from Hong Kong to Vietnam. When Life Happens you will find him with his very understanding and supportive wife Adrienne, son Maximus and soon to arrive daughter.