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How Ok RU?

How Ok RU?

Our mission is to positively impact the well-being of communities by creating a self-sustaining ecosystem of users across all levels from organisations and schools to sports teams, individuals, and coaches.

With your support, we can empower and inspire communities to approach life with more hope, optimism, and joy.

What does that mean?

By using our OK app, individuals will learn to recognise what wellbeing means to them and how they can take actionable steps to make wellbeing a habit.

By using our OK app, individuals can develop a deeper connection to themselves and other users and by doing so start to create a community of care and wellbeing.

By using our OK app, team coaches can track wellbeing across the group and direct support to where it is needed most.

Support the development of our OK app and get early access by donating...

30HKD and receive access to beta versions of the app, as well as 50% off the monthly/yearly subscription options during the opening week of official release. 

300HKD and receive access to beta versions, a one-year free subscription, and 50% off the lifetime subscription during the opening week of release.

3000HKD and receive lifetime access to the app and a personal note from me.

Investor and partnership options are available - message me to find out more.

Join us in our mission to empower individuals and communities to feel OK.

Be well, Chris - Founder of Habitual and creator of OK."


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