Values Based Living
Values Based Living
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Values Based Living

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Do you know what you stand for?
Where do you draw a line in the sand and say I am not willing to do this?
What happens when what is important in life competes for your attention?

If there was any doubt in your answers then values based living will be a useful session for you.

Values Based Living is a one to one coaching session with health coach Chris Garvey focusing on discovering your values and prioritising what is important to you as a method to live your life. Values are unique and personal, knowing them will create clarity and support you in difficult times.

From the session you will:

  • Define your top values
  • Create your values hierarchy
  • Apply values to your life right now (focus on one aspect).

The only criteria for this session is an open mind.

This session will last 60-90 minute (online or in person) with coach chris to define your values.



What is the time commitment? There is a pre session task which will take around 15 minutes and the coaching session lasts around 60-90 minutes.

What happens afterwards?  Most clients say thank you and go on to practice their new skills and often reach out to follow up in a months time (optional). Some enjoy the session so much they wish to keep going to explore the other mental game plan sessions of, strengths, meaning and goal planning. 


"The Values based living session with Chris provided me a strong base for my mental well being as I embark on a transformational journey. I was left feeling empowered, knowing what I want in navigating my non-negotiables, compromises and priorities in life". - Jayne So


Christopher Garvey is a teacher, coach, athlete, public speaker, podcaster, author and health consultant. His multi discipline approach to health supports the human narrative of lived experience. His teaching has been applied from London to Hong Kong and serves clients from New York to New Zealand. When Life Happens you will find him with his wife Adrienne, son Maximus daughter Thea.