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Why Habitual?


A program that fits your needs. The coaches are experts in their fields and offer you a lot of support without you actually realising it. It’s an amazing program and one of its kind and to compare it to any health program out there would just not be fair.

One has to experience habitual to believe this!



The biggest & most significant change has been a mental one, which has then had a knock on effect to my emotions & physical health.



I worked with Habitual to explore my on pitch performance. My coaching supported me to “reframe how I approached my performance”. Resulting in improved composure and decision making in all areas of my refereeing. I would encourage anyone who is involved in High Performance sport to start taking action and join the program today.


International Referee

I attended both of Chris’ Positive Health webinars and my main takeaway was Chris’ ability to frame health, mental, physical and emotional, in a way that I hadn’t come across before. I will be able to easily incorporate some of his strategies into my daily life going forward. Also appreciated his honesty, openness and interactive presentation style!


Program manager

I feel I have a pathway forward, I feel I have support to keep me honest and on track. I have increased my physical out put exponentially since starting to work with Habitual.


Office Manager

I lost 50% of my body weight and 30% of my body fat. I cant recommend Habitual highly enough, it transformed my life.




After 40 years and 4 days my 'first' book is published. This first book is a collaboration of inspiring stories from amazing men, passionate about sharing their own story in the hope of helping others.It's a good read and I'll share an extract with you.
LIFE right now is throwing challenge after challenge at us all, COVID, social isolation, economic worry, waistline relaxing or [fill in the blank]. When it seems LIFE is done it gets creative and finds a novel way to spice things up from second waves/ripples, loss and further hardships - but... we do not need to let LIFE happen to us, we are more powerful and capable of accepting each challenge than we may believe.
"Perhaps the most important way that we can help our students to find that is to create an environment and relationships where they feel that they matter to us and we matter to them, and we can only do that by being the thing that unites us all, by being qualified as imperfectly human".

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