A Note From Chris

  • Chris's Note #219

    As They Are: "Let things be as they are". A challenging statement suggesting one should let everything go, ignore what's not right and take a passive stance on life.

  • Chris's Note #218

    How you handle even minor adversity might seem like nothing, but, in fact, it reveals everything.

  • Chris's Note #217

    "With no challenge to overcome, frontier to press, or threat to flee from, the humans of this millennium are overstuffed, overheated, and under stimulated".

    Scott Carney - What doesn't kill us.

  • Chris's Note: #216 The Path

    Prepare yourself for the path not the path for your presence.
  • Chris's Note: #215 The Gap.

    We have Goals. We have processes and Pathways. Agency is where it falls apart. Hope is one such agency. We develop hope through adversity and disco...
  • Chris's Note: #214 Deep Work

    How will you talk to yourself today? As a friend, a lover, a colleague or parent?  Unless you are already at the stage where you and the voice insi...
  • Chris's Note: #213 Better

    Make it better by doing better things.

    It's great already.

    Focus on

  • Chris's Note: #212 Not too close.

    Stand by meBut give me spaceA roof needs more than one pillar to stand.But when the pillars are too close, they are ineffective. One can only do so...
  • Chris's Note: #211 Absurd.

    " We spend our life trying to convince ourselves our existence is not absurd" Albert Camus 107 billion people are estimated to have ever lived7 bi...
  • #206 All or Nothing?

    When we break our own rules it’s tempting to throw in the towel and walk away (abstinence violation effect). Two alternatives to all or nothing:  ...
  • Chris's Note #210 Self and Wealth

    "Neither self nor wealth can be measured in terms of what you consume or own". Rolf Potts - Vagabonding. Unconditional self worth is worth all the...
  • Chris's Note #209 Heal

    Healing goes against quick fix, life hack, cure culture. The healing process starts with complete acceptance of current circumstances. Reflect on ...