A Note From Chris

  • #261

    Giving it your all means to give everything you have.

    Not just to working hard but to your sleep, nutrition, mental and physical fitness.

    If that’s too much...

  • #260

    Days How you spend your days is a reflection on how you will spend your life. It can still change if you choose.
  • #259

    It’s not what you do that matters.

    It’s not what you have achieved that matters.

    You matter as you are.

  • #258

    Sometimes we struggle to overcome a moment just to find another moment - this is...
  • #257

    You may have failed, didn't achieve your goals or simply don't feel like it today but, courage says..
  • #256

    It’s better to understand the balance sheet of your own life than that of the markets.
  • #255

    Our ego looks for conclusions then finds evidence to back its claims.

    Our head looks for...

  • #254

    Wealth, water, food, shelter, freedom to decide and social support - you, have all these at least to a satisfactory level. 

    You lose the satisfaction when you start to...

  • #253

    Health is subjective - you decide.

    How positive are your emotions - what do you do to generate positive emotions.

    How satisfied...

  • #252

    Next time you approach a challenging conversation, difficult individual or your family meal time, approach with compassion on your mind.

    Everyone is...

  • #251

    Devote yourself to the few books, shows and people that bring meaning.

    Life is...

  • #250

    What gives you meaning for your existence?

    Where do you obtain a sense of fulfilment and acceptance?