A Note From Chris

  • #247

    Processed foods such as string cheese, milk beverages and sweetened yoghurt are not foods - restrict or eliminate.

    Helpful tips...

  • #246

    Tomorrow may not be a better day.

    Don’t pin your hopes on hope...


  • #245


    Love is a practice.

    Practice on yourself as well as others.

  • #244


    It takes 5 efforts of agreement and support to overcome the harm caused by one disagreement. (Dr Wiseman in 59 Seconds)

    If you could...

  • #243


    Luck is the residue of design. 

    How are you designing your environment, routines and habits?

  • #242


    When preoccupied with life, we may be missing out on life.

    It is never too late to change course.

  • #241

    A personal Rebellion

    At what point will you say:
    “I don't want to live like this”,
    “I have had enough”,
    “I don’t have time to feel like this”...

  • #240

    Love and Truth

    Let your actions be guided by love and your words by truth.

  • #239


    90 mins of walking spent going through problems in my head.

    As I sit to write everything down - the problems now seem minor.

    Nothing is ever as bad as we think it is after we stop thinking of it.

  • #238


    We spend more time looking at our reflection than we do reflecting on what we are looking for.

  • #237

    Little Things

    Little things count.

    But don’t expect an applause for them.


  • #236

    Common Ground

    In a performance environment the outcome is important.

    In a performance environment the process is important.

    In a performance environment...