Kindness is contagious. When we're kind to others, it makes them feel good, and it makes us feel good too. It also makes the world a better place.

The Kindness Challenge is a simple way to make kindness a part of your everyday life. The challenge is to perform 5 random acts of kindness each day for a week. These acts can be small or large, but they should be genuine and done with the intention of making someone else's day a little bit brighter.

Here are a few ideas for random acts of kindness:

  • Compliment someone. Tell someone you appreciate them, or that they look nice.

  • Help someone out. Hold the door open for someone, or help them carry their groceries.

  • Give something away. Donate to a charity, or give someone a gift.

  • Smile at someone. A simple smile can brighten someone's day.

  • Do something nice for a stranger. Pay for someone's coffee, or give them directions.

Until next time - How can you be kind today?

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