Do you eat mindfully, with knowledge and compassion, or automatically, without awareness and with guilt?

Eating is much more than just macros, micros, food pyramids and balanced diets. Without making assumptions, most of this falls into the "what we know" bucket.

How we approach eating falls into the "how deep are we willing to go" bucket. How are we mentally, emotionally, physically, relationally, environmentally, and existentially? How do we know, and how do these factors impact us before we even sit down at the table?

Let's zoom out for a moment.

Whether we fuel our bodies with nutrients or junk, there are consequences, both short and long-term. Consistent nutritional choices can impact our sleep, self-image, relationships, ability to deal with stress, and desire to exercise, which in turn can impact our nutrition on a virtuous or vicious cycle.

How we consistently choose to eat is an indication of how we are consistently showing up in all aspects of our lives.

Using consistently in the last sentence twice is intentional, it’s okay to enjoy a blow out, but do you take more from the alcohol, sugar and fats than they get from you?

So, one more time, how do you eat yours?

Until next time, be well.



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