A Longer Note From Chris

  • Values

    Values are the building blocks of a fully functioning and thriving life.

    Values are foundational principles of what is important to us. Clarity of values enables personal decision making based upon a well thought through account of our own personal wants and desires in life.

    To maximise the benefit of values we must:


  • Breakthrough.

    It is easy to think something is not working when after 1,2,3,27 times you see no change, then suddenly…

    What others see as overnight success or a singular act may be the result of weeks, months or years worth of effort. Grind behind the scenes is celebrated, yet the ability to accept the mundane is not.

    No one will ever congratulate you for adding a vegetable to your plate but, change can be made fun.

  • Growth Through Habit - 5 Steps To Achieve Any Goal

    Growth is a personal commitment to be better in which ever field one chooses.

    Growth in any field requires a vision to work towards.
    Growth towards a vision requires action.
    Growth with action requires reflection
    Growth with reflection requires momentum.
    Growth with momentum requires a process one can come back to.

    One such process is the GROWe model of coaching a 5 step process that can utilised in any situation towards any goal, assuming a goal can be articulated.

  • Authentic Change

    "I want to lose weight"
    "I want a 6-pack",
    "I want to be able to do a handstand".

    "I should hit 10000 steps a day",
    "I should go to the gym",
    "I should be intermittent fasting".

    "I can't do X because of... age, hormones, work, kids, laziness, motivation, cost, time, genetics..."

    "I won't fail as this time it is different..."

  • Start with Average

    Ever thought about becoming strong, lean, happy, confident, rich, resilient, sociable, loving or something else?

    Perhaps you want to become a unicorn riding warrior.

    We all have or had aspirations on becoming something. 

    Today I focus on the first part of that journey - On becoming average.

  • Perspective Zoom and a tale of two arrows.

    When we ruminate on what we don't have, what others do have or what it is want, we fall into the grass is always greener fallacy. To compare with our next door neighbour, colleague, friends or our future selves creates an environment of ill-being.

    “NEWS JUST IN… There has been an amazing breakthrough. 

    Scientists have discovered a revolutionary new treatment that helps you live longer, enhances your memory and makes you more creative. It keeps you slim, improves your skin and reduces food cravings, and wards off dementia, colds and flu.  It lowers your risk of heart attack and stroke, wards off diabetes and makes you feel happier, less anxious and depressed… 

    These are not the outcomes of a proven wonder drug but simply the scientifically backed up benefits of getting enough sleep”.

    (From the book “why we sleep” by Matthew Walker)


    This post is split into two parts.

    Part 1 contains the fundamentals of sleep the "knowledge" and is in a Q&A Format
    Part 2 is the application of the knowledge, feel free to jump to this section.

  • Stories, Writing and When life Happens [3min read]

    The story I had created around what I thought I should be able to do and what I could actually do were worlds apart creating anxiety, stress and stagnation. I had lost touch with reality, I was not being honest with myself, not accepting support from others and and sabotaging any growth I could have made in this time.

    I had spent so long creating a story as to why I could not move forward with my health goals ... I was starting to believe it.

    That is until I stumbled upon an old book and a quote that resonated with me...