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Complete Mental Game Plan

Complete Mental Game Plan

Do you know what to do to live a healthy life?
Do you often fail to the things you know you 'should' do?
Are you completely lost as what now?

It can be difficult to figure out what we want in life. Harder to know to know what we need to do to get there and harder still to take the necessary action.

The Mental game plan builds the mental infrastructure so you can get clarity on what you want, how you get there and enjoy the process on the way. 

The mental game plan is a package of 5 sessions* 1 on 1 coaching, introspection and guided discovery in which you will leave with:

  • Clarity on what you stand for.
  • Clarity of your core values.
  • Clear goals and steps to achieve them.
  • An understanding of what brings you meaning?
  • A practical knowledge of your strengths and how to use them.
  • A process to find joy, satisfaction and meaning.

This is a series of 5 sessions which will leave you with increased clarity where you are heading, the necessary steps to get there and how to enjoy the process on the way.



What is the time commitment? For each session there is a pre session task which will take around 15 minutes and each coaching session lasts around 60-90 minutes.

What happens afterwards?  Most clients who have taken all four sessions continue to work with Chris in some capacity wether weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to check in and focus on the practical side of the skills.

*Can I buy sessions individually? Yes you can purchase these sessions individually using the following links.



"I have learnt to acknowledge & accept what has happened. To feel my emotions (disappointment, anger, frustration) but not let them consume me. To be ok with them, sit with them & then to move on. I have learnt that it's much more productive & healthier mentally, to find solutions & ways forward... whether they work or not, the shift in mindset is what's key!" -Linden


Christopher Garvey is a teacher, coach, athlete, public speaker, podcaster, author and health consultant. His multi discipline approach to health supports the human narrative of lived experience. His teaching has been applied from London to Hong Kong and serves clients from New York to New Zealand. When Life Happens you will find him with his wife Adrienne, son Maximus daughter Thea.

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